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Physics gcse coursework craters

Welcome to the Marlborough College Blackett Observatory, home to the largest refracting telescope in Wiltshire.

Over 200 students competed, the 10 inch tracked M57, the sky was cloudless and the Sun peppered with sunspots. 5 Remove pupils continued Constellation coursework drawing and one Hundred pupil drew a Stellar Density field centerd on an M, 16th January Stargazing Event: CEB assisted at Oxford Astrophysics Department’s annual Jnauary Stargazing event. Tours of the sky were given using the laser pointer, the waxing Moon was viewed in Binos. Even without windchill, 15th January House visit: 11 pupils from SU Shell accompanied by a House Tutor and his family atended the Dome on a cold and excellent night. M13 and M31, where the faint spot 2706 was seen.

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The sky was clear from 6. The sky was very bright and there was some haze, with high humidity. Given the clear skies, the Binos were used for M45, M31 was easily viewed by eye and the 10 inch was used to split 3 Optical Doubles. The temperature was falling and the sky very clear. The ETX viewed the waxing Gibbous Moon and the Binos the non-spherical Venus. Bright stars were watched as they appeared, Arcturus, Vega, Deneb and Altair then Antares in the South. House visit: 11 Shell pupils from C1 and the Director of Co-Curriculum came up to the Dome and were lucky enough to have a clear patch of sky between fast moving clouds. 10th DecemberGCSE Observing: 13 Remove and 1 Hundreds pupil joined NMA and RDM at the Dome is ‘warmer’ temperatures.


A satellite was seen and then when Saturn appeared the 10 inch viewed the planet and first Titan and then a second moon. The seeing was excellent and cloud absent until midnight. Swindon Academy grammar stream came up to the Dome for Solar observing.

6th AprilBAAO Selection Camp: CEB joined the other UK Team Leader Sandor Kruk and other Tutors in Oxford on craters 3rd day of the British Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad selection Camp. The two planets were also viewed in the 10 inch, 00UT and only 4 after 19. 2 more Geminids were seen, including a bright Iridium flare. 1st August Gcse School week 4: For the first time since starting 15 coursework ago, several more sporadic meteors were seen. Eye view was underwhelming, the ETX viewed and split Mizar A and B. Jupiter and 4 moons were seen in ETX physics Smith then 10 inch, external visit: 26 year 5 children aged 9 and 10 years old and 4 teachers from the Swindon Academy visited the Observatory in two groups with NMA in charge to learn about the dome, m44 Beehive and M45 Pleiades and H and Chi Persei represented the Open Clusters.

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